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Oct 022012

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After the failure of his marriage, Rudd was supported in his grief and recovery by new South African bandmates, bassist Tio Moloantoa and percussionist Andile Nqubezelo. However, a special pre-sale for the concerts will be available from the respective ticketing agencies on Tuesday 18th October at He drew inspiration from artists such as Leo Kottke , Ben Harper , Natalie Merchant and multi-instrumentalist David Lindley , as well as music from diverse sources, such as Hawaiian and Native American music.

Xavier rudd perth

The summer advertising campaign aligned with the Australian cricket season has served to undermine previous Rudd's activism, and many fans have questioned his integrity as a former world's sexiest vegetarian. Instruments included didgeridoos , slide guitars, stomp boxes, djembe drums, slit drums, and the harmonica. Today Xavier reflects on this memorable concert event:

Xavier rudd perth

Xavier rudd perth

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  1. Rudd wrote the song The 12th of September, which would feature on his first studio album To Let, about the day after the attacks. We had an opportunity to record the last two nights in Utrecht, which I thought would be a good idea mainly for a reference for us to document where we were at.

  2. The energy at the shows was huge and there was a really strong thread of positive intention running through the communities. They were standing in their own waste and—what I found worse—even had to eat it because the workers didn't offer them anything else.

  3. That was when I knew it was the right choice to go vegetarian. Rudd thought it was the spirit of his then wife's grandmother.

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