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Oct 022012

Video about worlds tallest boxer:

Valuev won the match, successfully defending his title, after McCline was not able to continue the bout after injuring his knee when throwing a punch near the end of the 3rd round. The only casino to make odds for the fight had Douglas as a to-1 underdog.

Worlds tallest boxer

Legend has it that Dan Donnelly, one of the pioneers in professional boxing and the first Irish-born heavyweight champion, had the longest arms in boxing history and could literally touch his knees without bending down. Normally, the average reach of a person usually correlates with his or her height.

Worlds tallest boxer

Worlds tallest boxer

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  1. Chagaev[ edit ] Valuev vs. It comes as no surprise that a good percentage of the best fighters in history have enjoyed a significant reach advantage over most of their opponents.

  2. It just happens that longer armed humans have an advantage in boxing and hence tend to become boxers, but this is not absolute.

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