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Oct 022012

Video about wives being fisted:

You can submit a question at pleasuremechanics. What do you mean boring, old, and straight? We should have said way before this, but we will say now- if you want to master the art of touching her vagina, and her vulva, and her clitoris, with your fingers for maximum arousal, you are definitely going to want to pick up a copy of our video guide,The Pleasure Mechanics Guide to Fingering part of the Foreplay Mastery Course.

Wives being fisted

What do you mean boring, old, and straight? You are not alone! My wife often enjoys a fuller hand job.

Wives being fisted

Wives being fisted

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  1. This week, an adventurous mom had a question about fisting -- the practice of gently, carefully inserting a whole hand into your vagina.

  2. I feel I should warn you there is blood, but accidental and everything-was-fine blood. He had this look on his face, like he was feeling a mix of awe and intense pleasure.

  3. Some people do like a gentle pulsing motion with the hand in this shape, but that will be particular to the woman.

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