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Oct 022012

Video about will my husband get over his affair:

Jim Walkup After confronting him about his infidelity, you may wonder what he is feeling. I only had partial vision; no wonder it was so difficult to imagine the road ahead.

Will my husband get over his affair

It's not only that your friends will turn against your partner, it's also that you won't want them to have turned against him once you start trying to repair the relationship. However, over time, you both need identify the many factors on both sides that made your marriage vulnerable to the possibility of cheating in the first place.

Will my husband get over his affair

Will my husband get over his affair

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  1. Of course, Trierweiler is having to deal with the publicness of betrayal, and that is desperately humiliating; but I had to deal with the privateness of it as most people who go through this have to do and it was desperately lonely. You may be totally surprised that this person whose values you have trusted could have such a breach of character.

  2. Otherwise, you remain clinging to a victim role rather than exploring the possibility of positive changes that can happen now in order to rebuild trust. The problem is that you are feeling like a police officer who wants to go over the story many times to see if you have all of the details and if he changes his story.

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