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Oct 022012

Video about what does ied stand for in school:

Early during the Iraq war, the bulk explosives were often obtained from stored munitions bunkers to include stripping landmines of their explosives. Typically used devices were pressure cooker bombs , socket bombs, pipe bombs, bucket bombs, etc.

What does ied stand for in school

May was the deadliest month for IED attacks thus far, with a reported 89 of the invading coalition casualties coming from an IED attack. These were harder to jam.

What does ied stand for in school

What does ied stand for in school

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  1. The devices were used more for the act of terrorizing the urban population rather than for fatal causes, placed in front of governmental offices, street corners or road sides. In October , the UK government charged that Iran was supplying insurgents with the technological know-how to make shaped charge IEDs.

  2. After the British developed jammers, IRA technicians introduced devices that required a sequence of pulsed radio codes to arm and detonate them. Between and , the IRA detonated 19, improvised explosive devices IEDs in the Northern Ireland and Britain, an average of one every 17 hours for three and a half decades, arguably making it "the biggest terrorist bombing campaign in history".

  3. As a result of the use of these bombs, the British military stopped transport by road in areas such as South Armagh, and used helicopter transport instead to avoid the danger.

  4. Common locations for placing these bombs on the ground include animal carcasses , soft drink cans , and boxes. This mortality rate was far higher than other high risk occupations such as deep sea diving, and a careful review was made of how men were selected for EOD operations.

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