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Oct 022012

Video about what does a pisces man want:

What Type of a Man is the Pisces? He may also invite you to do other outdoor activities, nothing too active though. He is not driven by the need to gather wealth and cannot function in an atmosphere or with anyone who puts money as number 1 in importance.

What does a pisces man want

Shy and taciturn, the Fish often does not approach a lover directly, preferring instead to swim in circles, scoping out the situation before taking the bait and diving in. He will invite himself along to group events that he knows you will be attending, even ones that do not particularly interest him.

What does a pisces man want

What does a pisces man want

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  1. When a Pisces man is really into you he will ask you a lot of personal questions. Money may not mean all that much to the Pisces man, but he does know how to stretch a dollar when he has to.

  2. Anytime a Pisces man creates custom work for you he is truly trying to show you he cares. Both adorable goldfish and predatory shark, a Piscean often displays a duality in his personality.

  3. If you know places, where the seafood served, is exceptionally good, or you can cook a meal with seafood for him — the hook is in.

  4. His heart is true and he loves others with a selfless purity. According to the sun signs, the Pisces is a person who is born between 19th of February and 20th of March; this is the second among the 12 zodiac signs.

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