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Oct 022012

Video about vtcrc:

The tower antenna is telescoping and when stowed is feet tall; when extended it is 71 feet tall. Tech Center Research Park Location:


Newport News, Virginia The idea for Tech Center began with the simple human insight that collaboration turns good ideas into great ones. Five months later, we moved into a larger space that has the potential for future expansion—without having to move offices again.



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  1. A broadcasting or communications tower is not a by-right use in the Research and Development Zoning District therefore a conditional use permit is required. The property, the National Weather Service building, currently has several other existing ground-mounted dish and tower antennas adjacent to the building.

  2. There will be an opportunity for the applicant and the public to comment. The Planning Commission will review the request and the staff report.

  3. The Town of Blacksburg Planning Department has received a conditional use permit request to construct three broadcasting or communications towers in the RD Research and Development Zoning District. The foot tower antenna and two dish antennas will be used for atmospheric research and to conduct research for government agencies.

  4. Drawing inspiration from the acclaimed Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center in Blacksburg, VA, the Newport News Tech Center will be home to over one million square feet of space across 11 planned buildings, punctuated by restaurants, shops, fitness clubs, biking trails and gathering spots.

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