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Oct 022012

Video about vibrating tongue bar:

If you have a setback like a tongue piercing infection, it may take longer for your tongue piercing to heal. If you want special tongue jewelry or a pair of piercings, as with venom piercings, those things may also drive up the cost.

Vibrating tongue bar

Check out our Choosing a Piercer and APP Tips for Choosing a Piercer articles for suggestions on how to find the best piercer in your area to do your tongue piercing. You can get a traditional tongue piercing, a horizontal tongue piercing a. Traditional Tongue Piercing Typically, tongue piercings are placed vertically through the center of the tongue.

Vibrating tongue bar

Vibrating tongue bar

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  1. You have several options when it comes to types of tongue piercings. Eating soft foods during the first week or so, when your tongue is most sensitive e.

  2. Alternatively, sometimes a captive bead ring is worn in this type of tongue piercing, as shown below.

  3. Horizontal Tongue Piercing A horizontal tongue piercing—also known as a snake eyes tongue piercing or just as a snake eyes piercing—is placed horizontally through the tip of the tongue, from left to right see photo above. The picture shown here is of a woman with a 4g straight barbell in her tongue piercing.

  4. Traditional Tongue Piercing Typically, tongue piercings are placed vertically through the center of the tongue. There are too many germs that could get into the healing fistula piercing hole and give you a tongue piercing infection.

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