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Oct 022012

Video about venni vetti vecci meaning:

Variations of the sentence Veni, vidi, vici are often quoted, and also used in music, art, literature, and entertainment. Curio, Cesare venne, e vide e vinse "Curius, Caesar came, saw and conquered".

Venni vetti vecci meaning

The saying is more commonly referred to as veni vidi vici, and today means more than showing up at another country and leaving it in ruin. Since the time of Caesar, the phrase has been used in military contexts. Today, overcoming huge personal obstacles can be just as daunting.

Venni vetti vecci meaning

Venni vetti vecci meaning

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  1. Rather than coming, seeing, and conquering, they associate these words with evidence that no matter how large of an obstacle, they have found a way through once and they will continue to fight and do it again.

  2. Problems playing this file? Peter Venkman , one of the protagonists in the film Ghostbusters , delivers a humorous variation:

  3. Fighting New Battles The veni vidi vici tattoo today can be a direct reference to challenges with literature, art, or even music.

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