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Oct 022012

Video about vegan women:

Demi credits her age-defying appearance solely on a raw vegan diet topped off with weekly yoga and Pilates sessions. Other stars, such as those below, are more committed to shunning the animal products, not only on their plates, but in their wardrobes, too. Moss recounts the story of how she took a walk in the countryside one day, and happened to be followed by a few curious cows.

Vegan women

Upping your intake of fruit and vegetables also means increased vitamins and nutrients in your diet, which leads to a slowing of the ageing process. Lea is a devout animal lover and uses her fame as a platform to speak up about animal rights and her vegan diet. Did you enjoy this post?

Vegan women

Vegan women

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  1. Lea Michele Glee superstar and absolute beaut Lea Michele has been raised in a traditional, supportive family unit. A vegetarian for her first 15 years and a vegan for the latter 8 -naturally, adopting a vegan diet would have come more easily to Jessica having been introduced to a greener lifestyle from a young age.

  2. Joan Jett Look at this face. Since ditching meat and dairy and taking up meditation, Michelle has also stopped eating junk food, and enthuses that the health benefits have been tremendous.

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