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Oct 022012

Video about trx tattoos & piercings:

We close at 8. I haven't frequently a tattoo or piercing establishment in many years, so I didn't know exactly what to expect, but this met all those expectations. She also simplified the watercolor detail of the image quite a bit without telling me beforehand that she would be doing so, which was doubly upsetting because I had come to her specifically for the beautiful and intricate watercolor work in her portfolio.

Trx tattoos & piercings

I've had two piercings done here, one about 4 years ago and another one a month ago. We will ensure that you are fitted with the correct jewelry for your unique anatomy, and we will always go over the individualized aftercare required to best heal your piercing. Explained that I wanted two on each side, that i wanted them side by side and not one dead center of the lobe and other off some other direction.

Trx tattoos & piercings

Trx tattoos & piercings

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  1. Saint Louis, MO Went here for my first tattoo and had such a great experience. I figured I was already there and

  2. I think this is partly my fault: She explained what could be wrong and it sounded like it would take no longer than a quick 5 minute visit.

  3. Despite my piercing looking ok now, I am still a bit paranoid about infection after the ring being on the ground as well as the fact that she never changed her gloves after touching the ground as she looked for it.

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