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Oct 022012

Video about transdanubia hungary:

While the northern, eastern and southern borders of the region are clearly marked by the Danube and Drava rivers, the western border was always identical with the political boundary of Hungary, therefore it was affected by the territorial changes of the 20th century. We look forward to your registration and participation at our event. With some present-day Austrian and Croatian territories, it comprised the Province of Pannonia , a romanised, Latin-speaking border region with important Roman towns Scarbantia , Aquincum , Sopianae , Gorsium , Savaria and rural villas.

Transdanubia hungary

Alexander Payr in his book Protestant Church History of Oedenburg in the Magyar language claims that city records mention Anabaptist craftsmen on and off from to Since, however, the Hutterite chronicle mentions this area but slightly, and pertinent research has been carried out exclusively in the Magyar language, Western scholars have much neglected this entire area. Because of the Turkish invasion of Balkan countries, many Croatian peasants sought refuge here too.

Transdanubia hungary

Transdanubia hungary

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