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Oct 022012

Video about the madame puppet:

They had to be solved before the war could be won. The National Security Council deemed her a threat to U.

The madame puppet

Sometimes when she disagreed with a proposal or decision that had been made inside the palace by some ministers or other senior public servants, she would verbally abuse them and intimidate them into adopting her preferred stance. This we think would require Nhus' departure from Saigon and preferably Vietnam at least for extended vacation.

The madame puppet

The madame puppet

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  1. Vice President Lyndon Johnson 's advice for her to stop damaging relations with inflammatory remarks, Madame Nhu refused to back down, describing herself as a " scapegoat " for American shortcomings and failures.

  2. My father, who was our ambassador to the United States until two months ago, has been against me since my childhood.

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