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We adopted Lily (formerly Helen) around two and a half years ago. We already had a Boxer and we felt he needed canine company as he no longer enjoyed his walks and needed to lose weight. We looked into local rescue centers and found one not very far from us which deals with Romania rescues and Dog Meat trade rescues.We had no specific idea of what dog we wanted. I simply contacted them and told them about us, our family, what we are like and asked if they had any dogs that would suit our family. They sent us four or five pictures and we chose Lily who had only been in the UK for two weeks.She was very nervous and so scared. She was scared of the kitchen and the dishwasher and had to be carrier to the garden in order to go pee. She was scared of people, cars, noises and didn't really like our dog that much. There were episodes of growling and teeth and a couple of scraps but nothing that we felt we could not handle. It took us four months just to get her to go outside the front door as that terrified her too. Slowly she was more confident and happy, our dog was no longer an enemy, the garden was fine, the kitchen was the nice place where the dogie treats were kept, the park was fun and full of dog friends. Chasing Charlie (our other dog) was a daily occurence, grooming him, nibbling his ears and legs to make him play with her, stealing his toys and bed and sunbathing in the garden. Finally she was happy.It still took her 2 years to warm up to my husband and cuddle up to him but now she spends her time snuggled up to him asking for belly rubs even though she is very much a Mummy's girl. The car is now a fantastic sight for her, the harness is great, my daughter is her best friend, she plays and tugs and kisses and she is an extremely happy dog and we can not imagine our lives without her in it.I eventually met Florina through Facebook and had the opportunity to learn what Lily's life was like in Romania, learn about how she was found in -20C in the middle of winter while just a little pup, how Florina nursed her through Parvo and ensured she was safe and well and loved.We have no way to thank Florina for what she does other than support her with donations and sharing details of the many dogs she has saved. She is an amazing lady and I only hope the best for her.Thank you for completing our family and for the work you do.

by Heather Stewart on Blank Business Name

I rescued Roxi in April this year through Silver Fox & only recently connected with Florina on Facebook. It is lovely to hear more about my pups rescue but also sad as Florina rescued Roxi with her mum & brother, her brother unfortunately did not survive & it is only through the love & dedication of Florina that my Roxi is still here & was able to join our family. She is a wee monkey but we love her dearly & would not hesitate to rescue again. If only I had space to take on another 1 or 2!! 💖

by Heleen Bron-Soeteman on Blank Business Name
Romy & Joy

Sinds dec. 2015 is Romy bij ons gekomen. Ze is een tijdje op straat gevoerd, maar kwam via de hondenvangers in dodingsasiel Codlea terecht, waar Florina haar heeft gered.Na twee maanden kwam Joy erbij, een pikzwarte hond, ook uit Codlea. Het gaat super goed, al heeft ze veel angst moeten overwinnen en kan ze nog steeds schrikkerig zijn, maar het gaat steeds beter. Het zijn allebei schatten!

(English Translation)
Since Dec. Romy came to us in 2015. She has been on the street for a while, but passed through the dog scouts in codlea death camp, where Florina saved her.After two months Joy arrived, a pitch black dog, also from Codlea. It's great, though she has to overcome a lot of fear and can still be terrible, but it's getting better. They are both treasures

Blanca and Flo

Blanca was rescued by Florina from the side of the road.She was starving and had been hit by a car . If Florina had not taken her ,she would most certainly have died there on the street. Florina kept Blanca in her own home until she was strong enough to travel.Blanca is still delicate and has a limp from that accident.She changed our lives forever and settled well with out two Cocker Spaniels. We have had her for three years .I started to become involved with Florina's group and a year later Florina saved a dog from Codlea camp for us and looked after her in her rescue making all the arrangements so she could join our family.I then sponsored a number of Florina's dogs who had been looking for a home for a long time and am thrilled to say that they have all found homes .If you are looking for a dog please check out the older dogs as she is keen for them not to spend years in kennels .Florina likes to receive photos and updates of her dogs to know they are safe and happy .Thank you for bringing our two into our lives and for all the others you have saved and whose stories we have followed .As well as saving the dogs friendships and support are formed through the group and lives are changed forever .

by Holly Gloss on Blank Business Name

I was introduced to Florina on Facebook by a lady I enquired to about rescuing a dog.Florina was completely and utterly honest about the dogs in her care, so we knew we had made the right decision when looking for a dog to join our family.Flo cares so deeply for all the dogs she rescues. She sent us videos of Fergus in different situations abd was in touch every day with updates. I know if there are any problems in the future, Florina will be there to provide support for Fergus. I am proud to call this lady a friend, and I am very grateful to her as we now have another wonderful doggy family member. I cannot recommend Florina enough.

by Graeme Hull on Blank Business Name

Florina rescued my Lia

It was a miracle she spotted Lia laid in a field next to the road Florina was driving on

A little black dot laid about 70 yards away in the field deep with snow. Lia has given up and laid down to die in freezing cold of minus - 35 degrees

She got help from a passer by to get to Lia

Florina took her home looked after Lia

My friend was just browsing on line and came across a video of Lia being rescued about an hour after the event and showed me the little dog

I had to have her. She was a survivor just like me as twice I had beat cancer....Lia had survived the harsh cold ...just

So Florina saved Lia for me
Sent her to England and Mary collected her from Kent

Lia is my princess....she saved me

I had not been out on my own with out another human for 5 years...first to ill...then after chemo to weak...then I ended up agraphobic...then I could get out IF someone was with me

Lia and I went out together...she walks along side my mobility scooter...she took to this straight away..she wont leave my side...she ignored people and dogs..if I drop the lead she comes straight along side so I can pick it up.

She is like an expert trained dog...she is my carer dog.
So little Lia saved me and set me free
They key to my door...she takes me all over...

These Romanian dogs soon learn English
Are so eager to please

They come from having NOTHING....TO HAVING EVERYTHING when they get a loving home....

(Lia was the name Florina and Mary picked as she had no name)

Every single day Florina goes out and looks after her dogs
Even in minus 35 arctic weather

She is a hero to the unloved dogs

by Cerian on Blank Business Name
Too many too list x

I've known and worked with Flo for a fair few years now.... I've adopted dogs directly from Flo but also brought dogs into our rescue and rehomed them... Flo truly has a heart of gold and my very own Tripsy and Audi come from her.... once I spotted some roadside pups on FB and only with Flo's help we managed to save the Flower Puppies :)..... always trustworthy, reliable, efficient and charming, nothing is too much trouble for this lovely lady... but above all I trust her and that isn't something I'm willing to say about many, no made up disease, no ramped up charges, what you see is what you get x Thank you a million times over Flo for everything you've done for the dogs and for the number of times you've welcomed me into your home x

Aura, Bracken and Merlin

We had never considered adopting a dog from another country before and knew nothing about the plight of Romania's rescue dogs and strays. However after the death of our beloved elderly dogs, in less than 6 months, we were devastated and hated our home without our dogs. A neighbour recommended a lady who re-homes dogs in a nearby town, and after making contact with her, we saw a photo of Aura, Who had been rescued from the streets of Romania, and knew immediately that she was the dog for us. Unfortunately, she had been brought over to the UK for another family. We asked to be considered if things didn't go well on her home trial and were so upset that she was spoken for, However, after a couple of days we heard that Aura's home trial had been unsuccessful and we were asked if we would like to meet her. I already knew she was the dog I wanted, from the first time I saw her photo. We went to meet her and having passed a home check already we brought her home with us from the meetup. I was smitten. We formally adopted Aura and signed the adoption contract and papers on my birthday in 2014. I was introduced to Florina through her rescue web page, and soon became friends. I loved following the stories of the rescues on her page. We soon felt that we would like a companion for Aura, and beautiful Bracken captured our hearts. She soon arrived, and we loved the build-up to her coming to live with us. Florina sent us film clips and tagged us photos of Bracken in the run-up to her coming "HOME". By the time she arrived we felt that we already knew and loved her. We then decided that 2 pups were enough, but about a year later Florina rescued 2 pups from the freezing snowy streets after they had been abandoned. We fell in love with the paler coloured of the two pups, with such unusual markings and knew that we would have to make room for a third pup. However before Merlin could travel, I had a heart attack. I am sure that the love and caring manner of the girls helped in my recovery. Florina kindly loved and cared for Merlin for us until I had recovered enough to cope with another Pup. Aura and Bracken were brilliant. they instinctively knew to be gentle with me, They knew when I needed extra cuddles and made me laugh when all I wanted to do was give up or sit and cry, through my recovery. I was also desperate to get well as quickly as possible so that Merlin could travel to be with us. Florina was lovely and kept in contact, with loads of photos and film clips of Merlin so that I didn't miss out on his early days. All three dogs have become great fur family members. I had never experienced such a special bond with pets before. We have definitely found our doggy soul mates and Florina has now become a close friend and part of our family. The way that Florina helps these dogs is amazing and truly magical. She has saved hundreds of dogs and pups from horrific deaths and the trauma experienced by being caught and put into public shelters. I am so grateful to her for rescuing our three pups and for all she has done to make our adoption experiences so brilliant, easy and memorable. I still love to follow Florina's rescues and work on her group page. The difference between Florina's rescue work and the work of some other rescuers is that Florina earns the dogs trust, she loves and cares for each of the dogs she helps with a genuine passion. She helps to rebuild damaged and traumatised souls with her love and helps to rebuild the dog's dignity and self-respect while caring for them. Florina never stops caring for her rescue dogs, even when they move on to new homes. Florina is always there for help, support and advice. She remembers each and every one of her dogs as individuals and with a deep love.I really would recommend Florina and her wonderful, beautiful dogs, and have loved welcoming Florina, Aura, Bracken and Merlin into our lives and family. We have made some wonderful friends and have met some more of Florina's dogs through being part of her brilliant rescue page community, and can never thank Florina enough for all she has done for so many families and dogs. She really is a remarkable lady.

by Kap pendlebury on Blank Business Name

We heard about Florina on facebook where we saw our GSD Lara. After some communication back and forth we knew this was an avenue we wanted to pursue. Everything was very well organised and some lovely people had sponsored her neutering injections passport etc. We just paid for transport and even then kind people helped. Lara is everything Florina said she would be and she is our world. I have since had the privilege of meeting this extraordinarily dedicated lady and I have sponsored dogs myself fostered during an adoption for one of my friends and I have visited Romania and stayed at Florina's home where I have seen her total commitment and devotion for myself The job she does it too amazing to put into words.  All her dogs have a safe place with love and support while waiting for adoption. I would always adopt from Florina as her dogs are truly blessed when they find their way to her door.

by Jacquie Pomeroy on Blank Business Name
Dallas & Xena

Whilst originally I hoped to adopt another dog, a picture of the beautiful Xena caught my eye on facebook. She was 7 months old and the runt of a large litter found with their mother in a hole, trying to survive and avoid the dog catchers. Florina's devotion and continuing interest and love for these poor dogs is most admirable. We went on to foster and then adopt Dallas, Xenas brother , who after having 3 unsuccessful rehomes was a very wary, frightened dog. They are now 4 years old and have settled well into our family life. Florina is always so helpful and knowledgeable about her dogs, an honest, amazing lady, saving many pups who would otherwise have met an horrendous end. Thankyou my lady x

by Andrea Doyle Rob Doyle on Blank Business Name

We had heard of the plight of Romanian dogs and many other rescue homes in the past. However, it was not until we were introduced to Florina through a good friend that we realised the extent of this problem. Our friend had adopted 3 dogs very successfully from Florina and explained how tirelessly she works to rescue, treat and re-home these often abused and starved animals. We can honestly say, after knowing Florina for nearly a year now and adopting a dog of our own, that she is a marvellous and honest woman. We would never rehome a dog from anywhere else now. Precious joined us 9 months ago, she is just perfect and she shows great love and appreciation for her new comfortable and safe home. She had been saved by Florina from Codlea Shelter and had spent all her life living in a field in a Romanian village.

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