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Oct 022012

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Parking is available in the town's business district or on a nearby residential street. Below is a rundown of reasons why we are the best in what we do. When the fish sees them on the water, just for that brief second that you leave it there, they will think that it is food and latch onto your line.

Tantallon sk

Here, one can begin to see the broad opening of the Scissors Creek ravine as it drops into the Qu'Appelle Valley floodplain. The culvert provides a cool, shady respite from the blazing sun on hotter days. Additionally, if you are going to fly in to a remote area, you might book a fly-in fishing trip where you are taken out by airplane to a very remote destination.

Tantallon sk

Tantallon sk

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  1. Canada is uniquely situated at a higher latitude, making it a prime location for fishing largemouth bass, walleye, trout and salmon. These resorts will have luxurious amenities, similar to a hotel, with the exception that your primary reason for being there is to go fishing.

  2. There is one more option that you may want to consider which may be exactly what you need.

  3. We have been in this business for many years, and we understand the ins and outs of the industry. This will include your airfare to and from Canada, your stay at the lodge or cabin, and they also include the cost of food if you are getting a couple meals every day.

  4. They will rent a large cabin where everybody can stay together, feeling as if they are living years ago.

  5. As long as they had access to rivers and streams were fish would travel regularly, especially during the spawning season, it was possible to bring in hundreds of fish every day.

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