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Oct 022012

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The steps are nearly impossible to find, and are covered by a hidden seal which only opens on Halloween and the Spring Equinox. This is why, as Paul urges in Ephesians 6: The tall pine tree grew directly through a headstone, splitting it in half.

Stull church

The small town of Stull is located just 15 to 20 miles outside of Lawrence and only 13 miles east of Topeka, the capital city of the U. The band Urge Overkill released the Stull EP in , which features the church and a tombstone from the cemetery on the cover. However, most academics, historians, and local residents are in agreement that the legend has no basis in historical fact and was created and spread by students.

Stull church

Stull church

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  1. The now-destroyed chapel is in the background. The church has been standing vacant since and it has been badly damaged by vandalism over the years and by lightning which struck the church and caused a large crack in one of its ancient stone walls.

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