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Oct 022012

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Sheriff Andrew Jackson Lenny Von Dohlen rules the death an accident, but Shawn receives the Dewey Decimal Classification number of a book, Reincarnation and Rebirth, the title of which parallels the revelation that Paula had supposedly drowned in Santa Barbara, California seven years earlier, though her body was never found. Jonah Krakow of IGN gave the episode a score of 9 out of 10, writing that it was "enjoyable enough on its own merits that I don't have to apologize for gushing over every single subtle nod to Twin Peaks. McLaughlin stated that Psych did a "damn fine" tribute episode, and that she had fun finding all of the Twin Peaks references.


Randy reveals that the town gathers every week to watch Everwood. Fire Walk with Me. Other references[ edit ] There are several other references in the episode.



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  1. Randy reveals that the town gathers every week to watch Everwood. Shawn, however, deduces that Maudette was the one that led them to the festival and left clues for them to decode.

  2. Maggie Lawson was the one who suggested the episode's title, a play on that of the original series.

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