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Oct 022012

Video about songs girls love:

The Sleepytime Song For when you just need to end the day on a calm, relaxed note with some tea or wine in hand. Bad Bitch Song For when you need to remind yourself of just how flawless and i.

Songs girls love

If you find one, please let us know and they are toast! This song is one you swear you will never listen to in public or while in a 10 mile radius of anyone you know, and when it comes on the radio you try your best to not dance along. Of course you have four reports to type up and two exams on Monday, but you need to shower and do your hair and paint your nails and wax your upper lip and take off your nail polish… you never liked the color anyway.

Songs girls love

Songs girls love

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  1. To be honest, you could probably perform it live better than its original artist. If you find one, please let us know and they are toast!

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