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Oct 022012

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The encounter was bloodless. Timoteo Unson and the group of Silay residents then marched south to join forces with some residents of Talisay for an attack on Bacolod , the capital.

Silay city postal code

The intervening years saw Talisay growing and methamorphosing into the budding city that is today-full of promise and potential. It was renamed Talisay after the tree that grew in abundance along the mouth of the Matab-ang River. Silay with help from Filipino soldiers of the 7th, 72nd and 75th Infantry Division of the Philippine Commonwealth Army and Negrense guerrilla fighters and defeated the Japanese defenders.

Silay city postal code

Silay city postal code

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  1. People left their homes sometime in and settled in a new location between two small rivers, Matagoy and Panaogao.

  2. At the turn of the century, Talisay became a significant player in revolt against Spain through the leadership of General Aniceto Lacson.

  3. Military forces of the Philippine Commonwealth and soldiers of the U. Timoteo Unson and the group of Silay residents then marched south to join forces with some residents of Talisay for an attack on Bacolod , the capital.

  4. The wily general and erstwhile Katipunero of the North teamed up with General Araneta from the South during the victorious Cinco de Noviembre uprising in that saw the Spaniards capitulating without bloodshed.

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