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Oct 022012

Video about sex positions for elderly:

Media coverage of aging baby-boomers and their older cousins would have us believe that seniors are a homogeneous group jumping into bed and "hooking up - with great regularity. It just makes sense to favor positions that will help you feel as comfortable as possible.

Sex positions for elderly

And still others, especially elderly women, have discovered new intimacies with same-sex partners, even after spending most of their adult lives in heterosexual relationships. Share what makes you feel good with your partner.

Sex positions for elderly

Sex positions for elderly

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  1. Applying the lubricant yourself can be a good way to get in the mood. Neither should it be a rut or dead-end.

  2. One variation for older adults is for the man to put most of his upper body weight on his arms to avoid putting all of his weight on the female. It is relatively safe, except that it cannot be taken by men who use nitrates for heart disease.

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