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Oct 022012

Video about sensual pinays:

Not to sound racist, but just as brown sugar is healthier than white sugar, and brown rice is healthier than white rice, as any nutritionist will tell you perhaps brown skinned women are healthier for your mind, body, and sanity as well. Philippines In my opinion, Filipinas make the best girlfriends, lovers, and friends. See my personal Filipina photo collages here:

Sensual pinays

And when you do, you realize it's what you had always wanted. Ethnically, they are Asian, Malay and Spanish, resulting in a very exotic and beautiful mix that is very pleasing and sensual to the eyes. And they have a great sense of humor, enjoying the silliest things which easily amuse them.

Sensual pinays

Sensual pinays

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  1. The way they treat you and touch you is just so sensual and fulfilling. They are also a great blend of White and Asian traits.

  2. Their exotic sexy sensual olive complexion ranges from light to dark shades, all of which are sexy to me and many other foreigners here.

  3. Although Filipinas aren't as intellectual, educated, or deep-thinking as the European women are, they make up for it in their other qualities. The way they treat you and touch you is just so sensual and fulfilling.

  4. Thus, you can always have fun and joke around or play with them, even if you have nothing else to talk about. Filipinas are also a great blend of outer and inner traits.

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