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Oct 022012

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While government support for education is increasing, the quality of teaching materials is not always of the best. We are also planning to support less academically able children to acquire a trade by sponsoring apprenticeships, for example, in hair-dressing, as mechanics, carpenters, tailors and seamstresses. Christina King-Smith Melanosomes pigment granules within retinal pigment epithelial RPE cells of fish and amphibians undergo massive migrations in response to light conditions to control light flux to the retina.

Sean deacon

Because we are a registered charity, we are able to reclaim tax on gift-aided donations. Latex beads coated with skeletal muscle myosin II and added to Nitella filets moved in the same direction as RPE melanosomes, indicating that the motility is barbed-end directed.

Sean deacon

Sean deacon

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  1. They have a wide-range of relevant skills. And something else we plan to do, when our apprentices have qualified, is to help them onto their feet with an appropriate gift, eg, of tools, a sewing machine, a hairdryer.

  2. Our latest scholarship has just been given to a poor girl to begin studies at the University of Cape Coast. While government support for education is increasing, the quality of teaching materials is not always of the best.

  3. Two in vitro motility assays, the Nitella assay and the sliding filament assay, were used to characterize actin-dependent motor activity of RPE melanosomes.

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