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Oct 022012

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He took all of the information he collected and created his Passion Work Framework, three steps for anyone wanting to transform their career or work. Stop beating yourself up. Knowing your values, family, career, health, etc.

Scott dinsmore ted

If you know what you want, then you can lead a life where work is not work. Identify your priorities Family? Be mindful of your daily experiences to see what makes you tick.

Scott dinsmore ted

Scott dinsmore ted

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  1. You can get motivation and support from your peers who have the same goals and values as you do. Knowing what are your unique strengths Strengths Test.

  2. Like-minded people will help you keep on track and achieve your goals. You can create opportunities.

  3. How are you currently making decisions about these things? He read hundreds of books, took countless people to lunch and asked thousands of questions.

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