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Oct 022012

Video about saucydate:

The shoot was in this furniture warehouse and the whole idea was to re-create this decadent scene with 18th century furniture so it should look really nice," she explained. You know, basically everything that a dating bio should consist of and nothing more or less. The former Miss World has revealed to the Diary how she's coming to grips with being on the singles market again -- and has the utmost respect for her former boyfriend of three years.


Should you want to join the site, then by all means, go for it. Designed to provide quick mobile hookups, it didn't quite work the magic for us. The winner will need to be confident and have an ability to express themselves -- it's just not about who's the prettiest," she said.



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  1. The number of users does not even come close in comparison to many of the other dating sites out there.

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