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Oct 022012

Video about rotofeeder:

Roto-Feeder systems are sealed negative pressure units that ensure all waste dust entering the system remains there, not escaping into your plant. The dispensing vessel is used to provide a constant supply of material to the volumetric feeder.


Conventional belt conveyors are notoriously difficult to maintain and over the years tend to suffer from poor reliability, high maintenance costs and downtime - problems which increase dramatically for longer belts. RotoFeed Pneumatic injection Schenck Process has designed pneumatic injection solutions across many industries and has consistently improved productivity rates, system reliability, availability and performance for organizations that produce power by burning solid fuels.



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  1. The waste from each converting machine is fed through the Roto-Feeder directly into a main air duct mounted in a floor trench below the converting machines. The system avoids the need for noisy fans adjacent to each production machine or belt conveyors that can jam with waste.

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