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Oct 022012

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While these aren't cordless power tools, they are going to be far more portable than many of the professional portable table saws that you'll have seen, and they aren't too bad when it comes to using electricity. As with any tools you buy, you'll need to make sure that the power tool parts are available in the shops. There is also a receptacle for a drinking tube on the bottom.


You maybe part way up a ladder, or you could be working across an area that has damp ground, and that's when cords can get you into a lot of trouble. The best way to find out is to ask at the shop where you bought it, or do a search online to see how difficult the power tool parts are to get.



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  1. The CS 38 is ideal for the transportation of training equipment, and is also well-suited as a companion on the way to work or leisure outings.

  2. If there is, make sure you can get the power tool parts to go with it, and, if you're going to be on the move when doing your DIY, and you could get into some awkward spots, seriously think about getting cordless power tools; they'll make life a whole lot easier for you.

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