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Oct 022012

Video about rentboy new orleans:

Before starting, he sought the advice of experienced sex workers, who explained how to screen clients for police and predators, how he should always make sure someone knows where he's going, and other "nuts and bolts. He got involved in the sex industry two years ago, after settling in New Orleans and finding professional opportunities lacking.

Rentboy new orleans

For the moment, his income stream has been cut off, but he anticipates switching to Backpage, the website that has long been targeted by anti-sex-work activists and law enforcement, and that suffered a serious setback in July when an Illinois sheriff convinced MasterCard and Visa to stop processing payments made through it for adult services. The Harm Reduction Coalition issued a statement today calling the Rentboy charges a "misuse of federal investigative resources and prosecutorial power," and urging other public health and activist groups to condemn them.

Rentboy new orleans

Rentboy new orleans

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  1. Leo is college-educated and in his mids, with a background in social work. The arrest of Rentboy's administrators and seizure of its computers and business records sent shockwaves through the male escort world.

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