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Oct 022012

Relationship sleeping positions meaning

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Psychologist Corrine Sweet told the Daily Mail that she calls this 'the Liberty' and says it shows couples are "connected and secure in themselves," indicating "both closeness and independence in the relationship. The Back Kissers If you sleep back-to-back but you touch with your butts or backs, this is also a good thing -- but it's also novel. The Freefaller Having trouble imagining this one?

Relationship sleeping positions meaning

When a couple's heads are right next to each other, it means they are equal, and if they touch, even better -- it's a sign that they have like minds and know what's going on in each other's heads, Wood said. Shirley Glass, a psychologist and martial therapist, also notes, "There's a high level of trust here," as this snuggling position has a "strengthening sense of comradeship and protection.

Relationship sleeping positions meaning

Relationship sleeping positions meaning

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