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Oct 022012

Video about perfect partner for taurus:

If Taurus can learn to back off just a bit, this romance should include a "happily ever after". Taureans take a slow and methodical approach to building romantic relationships, while impatient Aries likes to dive in head first and figure out the details later. You are great at staying on task, thanks to the stubbornness that you see as commitment.

Perfect partner for taurus

As is the case when it comes to many two-of-a-kind matches, two Taurus natives together can be both a blessing and a curse. The Water-bearer tends to be highly unpredictable and cares more about friendships than romantic entanglements, failing to give the Bull the emotional affirmations that she secretly needs.

Perfect partner for taurus

Perfect partner for taurus

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  1. But if you want to make it last longterm, you'll have to be prepared to face your inner demons and get vulnerable with your Libra lover. Aries March 21 — April 19 The outgoing and independent Aries man is a good compliment for the introverted Taurus, but this isn't an ideal match.

  2. Capricorn Capricorn and Taurus, two strong earth signs, can give the appearances of being an ideal match for each other, and indeed, they are very compatible pairing.

  3. But it's not all bad news. After the initial lusty affair, this relationship has staying power if both the Scorpion and Taurus are willing to work on their issues outside of the bedroom.

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