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Oct 022012

Video about neoidealism:

This idea not only affects the individual's life, but everyone around them, which in turn affects the state since the people are the state. What we are confronted with when we assess this body of evidence is a range of more or less likely interpretations, but because the actual events of the past and the actual thoughts of the people who lived in it are not available to us, there can be no question of finally settling the matter. In other words, what was the cultural and historical meaning of that speech?


In other words, what was the cultural and historical meaning of that speech? The reality that is currently constructed can be completely changed through language e.



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  1. But if we mean this, we shall have to admit that what, in this sense, is in the mind, may nevertheless be not mental. It is a kind of category mistake to treat Aristotle or Plato as if they were contemporaries, whose views are primarily of interest because we might agree, or disagree, with them in the present.

  2. He added that the mind is not a blank slate , tabula rasa but rather comes equipped with categories for organising our sense impressions. The first is based on our perception of reality:

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