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Oct 022012

Video about negative body language gestures:

Breathe and consciously relax. But if the speaker is not telling a sad story, the listener may be unhappy, angry, or sad. Other nonverbal communication is seen but internalized unconsciously by our audience — smiling with your mouth but the rest of your face is so stiff; you look unsure.

Negative body language gestures

The explanation here is that those people dislike their own words. When i talked about body language earlier i said that even if a person doesn't know how to read body language he will still get a certain impression about you based on your gestures because his subconscious mind will detect them.

Negative body language gestures

Negative body language gestures

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  1. That would be the worst. But the longer the time we have to hold our poise, the more necessary it becomes to be truly confident and up to task.

  2. Conclusion We can find it so easy to control the big movements and even some of the smaller movements in specific situations.

  3. Averted eye contact can be an indicator that a person is uncomfortable, self-conscious, or even lying. When we try to smile to cover up our unhappiness or anxiety, our other muscles might go rigid.

  4. Whatever grooming you need to do, do it in private, preferably away from the people who you will be talking to or with. If you are trying to entice some people to invest in you and your idea, you may have taken a step back while on that mission, so it is better just not to cross your arms, legs, or even your ankles.

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