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Oct 022012

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One such case is the duel between Iorek Byrnison and Iofur Raknison, which ends with Iofur's death and Iorek reclaiming the throne. Gallivespians use various carefully bred species of dragonflies for transport. Technologically, the Mulefa's civilization is reminiscent of humanity in the stone age.


Gallivespians themselves also have a very short life, living no more than about ten years, and dying in their prime. Gyptians are an honourable people, and appear to owe debts to Lord Asriel for defeating a proposed Watercourse Bill in Parliament, amongst other things. The Mulefa have no defence against Tualapi other than retreating inland during their attacks.



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  1. They worship their own gods and goddesses, who have a particular focus on nature and the earth; they also understand the Judeo-Christian concept of " Mother Eve ". Tualapi are almost always seen in groups.

  2. Normally, an outcast like Iorek would not have been allowed to participate in a duel, but the then-king Iofur is tricked into making an exception.

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