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Oct 022012

Video about minerva pisces:

Her parents had known each other for their entire life, and they had left home together to start a family and a farm together on the outskirts of Mistral. Diane was so excited to see him, that she broke into the backstage just to give him a hug.

Minerva pisces

She is bubbly, always happy, and playful. She can touch water, but cannot be fully submerged. Minerva likes talking to people, as she enjoys to have her opinion heard, as well as sharing thoughts with others.

Minerva pisces

Minerva pisces

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  1. When she turned 16, He bought her a weapon and sent her off to Beacon. Minerva always saw Grullo as an older brother, and she happily protected him like that.

  2. She is intelligent and wise, wanting to think things out instead of acting immediately.

  3. Diane was so excited to see him, that she broke into the backstage just to give him a hug.

  4. Grullo fought Minerva and she beat him, surprisingly, so Grullo made her his Head of Security. She also has a fear of water.

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