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Oct 022012

Video about midget village ct:

Did the Pygmies have the Street View images removed? Through the thick woods and past the trash lining the road.

Midget village ct

Much of the site is connected by walkways and steps, and clearly a lot of mortar and masonry was employed in its construction. And as always, please be respectful of the area when you visit -- or else maybe the little people will come and find you! Granted, the road weirdly nearly drive through their living rooms for some reason, but there is absolutely no reason for people to think hellbent pygmies live up here.

Midget village ct

Midget village ct

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  1. So much so, in fact, that essentially only one "little building" sort of remains standing at top.

  2. So much so, in fact, that essentially only one "little building" sort of remains standing at top.

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