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Oct 022012

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Pearl and the children had to move to Honolulu to live with their grandparents, exchanging the lush greenery of Hilo for dry, dusty city streets. A calm spirit distances even the most important issues from her psyche, as though she cannot take anything, including her writing she won the Elliott Cades Award for Literature , too seriously. Regardless of whether their leaders were righteous or unjust, their lands hostile or bountiful, the Hawaiians of old believed that spiritual well-being was assured by living a pono life.

Mahealani banks

When I grew up, my mother was fearless. Some haole openly endorsed an action to assassinate the monarch and seize his government. If some federally held land was opened up, native people could once again work the land in the tradition of their ancestors.

Mahealani banks

Mahealani banks

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