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Oct 022012

Video about letting go of toxic parents:

I have two younger sisters. Asia Participant I was born and grew up in Eastern Europe, but before I share my story, which I feel an urge to share, I would like to apologise if anyone get offended by my level of English. They felt backed against the wall and the only healthy thing to do was to save themselves by creating space.

Letting go of toxic parents

As much as we long to believe that they do really love us and care about us and will be there for us, when you have a toxic parent, there will come a day when you have to face the facts. Share my blog and let them know they are not alone and I would love to hear your comments!

Letting go of toxic parents

Letting go of toxic parents

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June 18, at 7: You are not alone. It will remarkable deciding how much of a central you will have, disclaimer strong boundaries and go what you can to continue yourself and strip the toxic chemistry.
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Reader Comments

  1. It will mean risking the disapproval of extended family and friends and may cost you some relationships from people who cannot accept your choices.

  2. Let it go to voice mail or set a time limit for the length of calls. They as adults have made their own choices and will continue to do so.

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