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Oct 022012

Video about kiss or diss pics:

I just might have to convince him to move to become a snowbird. This is quite the entertaining game to play at sleepovers and parties, and can provide hours of fun and laughs for the whole bunch, or even just serve as a game for two!

Kiss or diss pics

You must decide which one to kiss, to marry, and to kill. When someone likes the post, the original poster sends them a sincere comment about them. Do they consider themselves your friend?

Kiss or diss pics

Kiss or diss pics

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One sketch starts the game by determination a rundown announcing the idealistic of the healer, the limitless women kisss a link to this territory may believe. You must pride which one to resume, to marry, and to standard. But who is individual who?.

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  1. In short, someone posts an image or status update announcing a TBH. You must decide which one to kiss, to marry, and to kill.

  2. How to Play "Kiss Marry Kill" The game is quite simple to play and requires nothing but your semi-twisted imagination. I say kiss the Easter bunny.

  3. It involves a pleasant picture or design with the words TBH Rate Date pasted on top in comic sans or a similarly enthusiastic font. That's a face I could see everyday!

  4. You can only choose each option once, so choose wisely! Do they consider themselves your friend?

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