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Oct 022012

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With a name that symbolises a feeling of permanence, Killara is often described as 'a lush haven', 'a quiet retreat', and an area of 'solid respectability'. Killara station was opened in 10 July , six years after the first train service from Milsons Point to Hornsby on 1 May A new stone church was designed by Carlyle Greenwell and the foundation stone was laid on 25 April

Killara sydney

Turner identified the site, recorded the location of sawpits, boatmen's huts and the wharf, and located additional sawpits further to the south-west of Fiddens Wharf Road. At one stage, the whole acres It is now the Killara Uniting Church.

Killara sydney

Killara sydney

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  1. The 'eight years of worry and work and much money' led to triumph in the end: The Crown imposed conditions that the new owners must not sell for five years and must cultivate 20 acres 8 hectares within the five-year period.

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