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Oct 022012

Video about jehovah witness marriage rules:

These rules are requirements. A policy is a little too costly due to lawsuits? You should not exchange gifts at Christmas or have a Christmas dinner, unless an unbelieving partner requests one and your conscience permits.

Jehovah witness marriage rules

New Light—just move the date forward. Once friendly contact has been established and mutual interest ascertained, the pair will have to create social events at which to mingle or press their married friends into service as chaperones on visits to museums, dinners out, and shopping excursions. The elders, on the other hand, do have access to your performance records.

Jehovah witness marriage rules

Jehovah witness marriage rules

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  1. Most of time, the inactive single persons are also free to do whatever they like, because the congregation of JW's will probably not keep track of what they are doing. As you can imagine, this dynamic works well only if the husband is a reasonable, loving man who follows the example of Jesus Christ.

  2. Once that happens, while still required to be obedient to his mother, he is considered her spiritual head. When I left the religion, they had changed the rule to allow for blood fractions.

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