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Oct 022012

Video about itching under my balls:

Change clothes and undergarments every day. Scabies Scabies is a skin infection that is caused by a mite. Common symptoms include itching and a rash.

Itching under my balls

Jock itch The best way to treat itchy balls is to identify the cause of the sensation. But other physical and medical conditions can also cause your balls to get itchy. Chlamydia Chlamydia is an STI spread by a bacterial infection.

Itching under my balls

Itching under my balls

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  1. Your doctor will likely be able to diagnose jock itch simply by performing a physical exam and inspecting the affected area of skin. This friction can occur during physical activities, such as running or biking.

  2. Intertrigo Intertrigo is an inflammatory response to either a bacterial or fungal infection.

  3. Antiviral meds, like Valtrex, Zovirax, or Famvir, can shorten the outbreak or prevent one from occurring. Like many other STIs, it can also be spread through genital sex as well as oral and anal sex.

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