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Oct 022012

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Coming inside the square my eyes were overwhelmed by the incredible beauty of this place, it was already dark but all the monuments and the mosques were illuminated by the full moon and some lights too of course. Linked with these circles were scores of poets of various genres, predominantly traditional and, more exclusively, satirists and humorists cf. Competing with their French Catholic and Armenian Orthodox counterparts, the British Anglicans became a close ally of the American Protestant missionaries.

Isfahan girls

None of these papers, however, could compete with those from the capital, save for their local official advertisements and public statements. The drop in enrollment by the turn of the century is apparently due to the drop in the demography of school-attending age group, a consequence of the deceleration of population growth. In the s the government integrated and centralized the educational system and established a national, tuition-free modern school system.

Isfahan girls

Isfahan girls

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  1. The apartment was quite large, with a beautiful and big hall, at least 3 bedrooms and a terrace. We could have stayed in Naqsh-e Jahan Square all day!

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