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Oct 022012

Video about is dwarfism dominant:

Treatment[ edit ] There is no known cure for achondroplasia even though the cause of the mutation in the growth factor receptor has been found. We have two copies of most of our genes -- one from mom and one from dad. The trident hand configuration can be seen if the fingers are fully extended.

Is dwarfism dominant

Achondroplastic dwarfism is characterized by an average-sized trunk, short arms and legs, and a slightly enlarged head and prominent forehead. Thank goodness genes are made of DNA and not stone! Difficult to diagnose, it can be treated with regular injections of human growth hormone.

Is dwarfism dominant

Is dwarfism dominant

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  1. The ribs are short with cupped anterior ends. Clinical features include megalocephaly, short limbs, prominent forehead, thoracolumbar kyphosis and mid-face hypoplasia.

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