Florina is aware that rats have been interfering with rubbish bags around the rescue house. These rats have been nowhere near the dogs as yet because Florina keeps the rescue very clean, however surrounding other properties out of her control do sometimes get them which can be a problem as you can imagine. What we are looking for is an industrial sized bin that can be locked and secured. This will ensure that any rats have no reason to go into the rescue and thus continue to stay away from the dogs. One of these costs £200 and it has been an expense that has been out of reach for Florina, so I thought we may as well set up a donation goal of £200 and hopefully, we can get this bin for Florina as quickly as possible. I am aware of everybody’s kindness on donating for the dogs. Florina has some great friends, but if we can all help to get her this bin it will really help ease the stress in running the rescue house. A donation campaign has been set up on the campaigns page on the site:

Industrial Size Flip Bin Fundraiser

The image below shows how the rats are eating through normal rubbish bags and causing a mess. This bin would solve this big problem and keep them away from the rescue house and any future chance of getting near the dogs.


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