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Oct 022012

Video about how to spray semen:

If you are comparing yourself to what you see in porn, you better stop right there and think again. Other factors that affect it are getting proper amounts of zinc in your diet, getting good sleep, stress levels and your frequency of ejaculation. This could be referred to as holding-off.

How to spray semen

If you follow my advice and have never done this before, you're in for a treat, believe me. Men in porn and men who know how to satisfy their lover's know what I am about to explain because the trick to mastering this is the way to becoming a better lover and being a man able to shoot his load, like it sounds like you're wanting to do.

How to spray semen

How to spray semen

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  1. For these and other reasons, from an epidemiologic perspective, there is a pressing need to discover new markers of male fecundity that are more readily accessible. Although established reference values for semen characteristics are of limited value in analytical epidemiologic research, the WHO guidelines are of utmost importance for supporting the development of appropriate research protocols.

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