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Oct 022012

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A wrestler who has been pinned or forced to submit must spend two minutes in a penalty box. In this case it's designed to be a last hurrah, showcasing the wrestler's talent one last time for their fans.

Hot threeway

A variation named Elevation X, features a scaffold in the shape of the letter X. In this case, an object is placed on a pole that extends from one of the four turnbuckles on the ring with the wrestlers battling to reach it first. The official cast recording for the musical film looks set to score another week at the top of the charts.

Hot threeway

Hot threeway

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  1. Hardcore wrestling Hardcore wrestling is a subset of professional wrestling where some, any, or all of the traditional rules do not apply. TNA calls this variation "Full Metal Mayhem", where steel chains are also permitted along with tables, ladders, and chairs.

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