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Oct 022012

Video about hira ratan manek nasa:

Once again I searched Google for strings from the article on Secular Blasphemy. Doesn't this negate all the "dangers" outlined in the article?

Hira ratan manek nasa

I would then compare this to either the sungazer's retinal surface area, or the surface area of their entire body depending on what you're imagining the source of the energy is , and demonstrate the differences in efficiency between the imaginary plant that supports a single grown man, and the sungazer. They do not exclusively "breath" carbon dioxide.

Hira ratan manek nasa

Hira ratan manek nasa

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  1. This is not an acceptable source for an extraordinary claim, and all mention of NASA should be removed from the article which is about sungazing and not about claims made by one individual. I did attach a citation to the "Cultural Background" section though, and took off the tag for that.

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