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Oct 022012

Video about go kart mudding:

However, the terrain usually includes steep slopes, water, side-slopes, deep ruts and other obstacles that could potentially damage a vehicle if mistakes are made or poor driving technique is used, and vehicle modifications increase the chance of success. The winner is the driver who has collected the most punches. Off-roading organizations[ edit ] Organizations and associations participate in political lobbying supporting favorable regulations for off roading proponents.

Go kart mudding

Usually based around an RTV trials course. The terrain covered will be of greater difficulty than that found on an RTV trial, and will usually require more judicious use of speed to get the vehicle across certain obstacles, so increasing the risk of vehicle damage.

Go kart mudding

Go kart mudding

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  1. A day's event will consist of many different courses and the driver with the lowest score is the winner.

  2. It may be necessary to make modifications to vehicle's suspension or body depending on the size of the tires to be installed and the specific vehicle. Some methods may be combined together to best fit the needs.

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