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Oct 022012

Video about girls in ksa:

Being a housewife in Saudi Arabia, being a female doctor in Saudi Arabia, being a maid in Saudi Arabia — each woman will have something different to tell based on the role she is in. The highest authority that supervises education in Saudi Arabia is the Supreme Committee for Educational Policy, established in Religion taught in this manner is also a compulsory subject for all university students.

Girls in ksa

Khulood says she used Tinder, a mobile app for hooking up. More recently, colour has started to come back into the market, and amongst the sea women dressed in black in malls, you can now see purple, fawn and glitter-covered robes, a peek into one's personality. Moreover, I find that this is a small price to pay for giant malls housing every international brand you could think of.

Girls in ksa

Girls in ksa

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