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Oct 022012

Video about ghetto dragon ball z:

Although some libraries are aware of this trope and puts a big warning sticker for adults only. That said, the notoriety of Spike and Mike's has never stopped woefully ignorant parents from bringing their children to what they believe to be a bunch of short cartoons that'll keep their kids entertained for a couple of hours.

Ghetto dragon ball z

The boys in the original Osomatsu-kun TV show learn what their adult selves are like and are horrified with what they see, so they work hard to become better, more respectable people. And that's not even getting to the treatment of Axis Powers Hetalia , which was seen by some Moral Guardians as a nationalist propaganda piece, given the historical problems between Japan and Korea. Though at least the parents know exactly what's in the Webcomics that they're showing to their children.

Ghetto dragon ball z

Ghetto dragon ball z

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