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Oct 022012

Video about gemini and leo match:

It would also be wise to remember a soulmate relationship is not always heaven on earth. Their mutual respect can usually overcome any boundaries, and they should keep having fun and building their relationship on a solid foundation of childish joy.

Gemini and leo match

They are better individuals when they are together, and the relationship bodes well for the commitment, loyalty, and tenderness that is usually expected in a soulmate relationship. Social networking is not always a means to an end and the Lion has a warm and expansive heart — they just get caught up with game plans occasionally. The Gemini symbol is of the Twins, Castor and Pullox.

Gemini and leo match

Gemini and leo match

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  1. Two charming personalities come together in this zodiac match. Gemini is perhaps the most egalitarian sign of the zodiac.

  2. Gemini might feel threatened by Leo's incredibly strong energy, but they are also drawn to it. Flowers and trinkets immediately start arriving at work and home — which might briefly worry the recipient — especially if details of addresses have not yet been discussed.

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